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Clean Air Strategy 2019 - What will happen?

A new strategy has recently been put in place to regulate and tackle the sources of air pollution across the country, aiming to make the air we breathe much healthier and to protect the nature around us. With this new strategy in place, it has caused some confusion and misinterpretation by the public about the consequences of owning and purchasing a stove.

We at Flamin Grate aim to help you understand what this strategy actually means and will advise our customers on what is the best decisions for them.
We've answered some questions about your concerns on the 'Clean Air Strategy'.
Are stoves and fires being banned?
Certainly not. However, if purchasing a new stove or fire from 2022 onwards, it must be an Ecodesign model which will be at least 80% efficient.
Will I need to buy a new Ecodesign stove?
No, not until 2022. Up until 2022, we will continue to sell the existing range we already have but we will also be selling the new Ecodesign models. We will work with our suppliers to ensure the best quality stoves, it is your choice if you want to purchase the new Ecodesign models but it isn't necessary until 2022.
Is the burning of wood and solid fuels being banned?
The Clean Air Strategy does hint at a ban of certain fuels, i.e. high sulphur fuels and wet wood. With the new campaign to improve the air quality surrounding stoves, the Clean Air Strategy does favour the use of 'Ready to Burn' wood fuels and dry wood.
Are wood burning products going to be taxed?
No. It is not mentioned in the new strategy regarding specific taxation on stoves or fires
Is wood burning really one of the major contributing factors to air pollution?
As stated in the Clean Air Strategy, burning wood and coal in open fires and stoves currently contributes to 38% of the UK's particulate matter pollution. This does make it the largest contributor, but this does include open fires which are much less efficient than stoves. With the new Ecodesign stoves being a part of the strategy, this can help bring this percentage down and reduce the amount of pollution produced; the new Ecodesign stoves will give off 80% less particulate emissions than a 10 year old stove.
Can I still use my existing stoves?
Yes you can. The new strategy has not stated that there will be a ban on existing appliances and customers don't need to make modifications either. However, will be recommending our customers to use quality, dry fire wood that is made to burn.
What is an 'Ecodesign' stove?
Any new appliance with an 'Ecodesign Ready' label meet the new EU requirements that will be set into place in 2022 but are available to purchase now. The Ecodesign stoves have been tested and verified by HETAS and they can reduce the particulate emissions by 80% compared to an old stove and 90% when compared with an open fire.
Do I have to buy 'Ready To Burn' fuels?
No you don't. You can still buy unseasoned wood from us or gather your own wood, but we recommend that all wood has had time to season and dry out, with a maximum moisture content of 20% before burning.
Is there a range of Ecodesign models to choose from?
Yes. With the increasing awareness about the need for more efficient stoves, there is a growing number of Ecodesign models available to purchase. At our showroom, we are going to keep updating our stock to include a varied range of appliances to choose from.
Does the strategy affect open fire and fireplace sales?
Yes. After 2022 when all of the new regulations are being put in place, open fire and fireplaces will no longer be available to purchase as solid fuel heating appliances.
How can I help now?
Take a look at our useful tips to help burn less fuel and release less pollution.
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Stove Industry Alliance - Ecodesign Ready Stoves

The new Ecodesign stoves have been designed to reduce the particulate matter (PM) emissions by burning wood more efficiently. They have been approved by laboratory tests, ensuring the meet the minimum efficiency criteria, and they have been verified by HETAS and DEFRA.
By burning wood completely and more efficiently, the Ecodesign can reduce the PM emissions by up to 80% when compared with a 10 year old stove and up to 90% when compared with an open fire.

Stove Showroom Exeter
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